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Here's some of our favorite links on the web:




Retro Red's favorite wastes of time

Listen to earlier broadcasts of the weekly syndicated radio show that is
bringing back real Rock'n'Roll!!!  (also listen on KDKB 93.3 FM, Sundays @ 10

A whole record label devoted to Power Pop - heavenly!  (give a listen to Not Lame Radio)

Wow!  Streaming Power Pop radio 24 hours-a-day!  The best excuse to own a computer!

The fanzine for Beatlemaniacs!  So much info on The Beatles, you can claim them on your income tax!  (no substitute for the magazine, though)

When it comes to anything on Springsteen, Backstreets is the boss!

You're not a member of the Demento Society?  Are you crazy?  Good, then join today!  Visit your Doctor, regularly!

Wind up your modem...  it's Dr, Demento on the 'Net!  (unfortunately, the only way to listen to his weekly show here in Phoenix)

If this site doesn't put a smile on your face...  you's dead!

A record label by people who love music - whoduh thunk it!  THE greatest record label, period!

The music industry bible!

Real soul music!

The future of radio you can enjoy today!



Dr. NO's favorite sites
Here's some of Dr. NO's favorite stops on the web:
Try and locate Dr NO's "Duo Jet" electric guitar.


Miscellaneous links

Got a bike or are you a wannabee biker then check this out:
Get out and Ride in Arizona~!

Synthony Music is a great source for the Electronic Musician on the web and locally here in the valley.


Roland USA    Roland products and support.

Drum Bum: T-shirts and Music Gifts for Drummers! is an awesome resource for drummers and also great gift ideas too~!


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