The Noisemakers
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Meet the Band

The Noisemakers started out in 1999 as a bunch of guys who wanted to have some fun playing music. Since that time, there have been a lot of gigs and  several member changes, but the fun just keeps getting better.  Send us an email for more info.

dr. NOJason "DR NO" Nolander

Guitar/Background Vocals

DR NO is an excellent guitar player, whose musical influences include Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, Tom Petty, The Gin Blossoms, and of course, The Noisemakers. On the website DR NO can be seen playing his Gretsch DuoJet guitar, and Epiphone WildKat and SG guitars. DR NO is originally from Minnesota.  Check out several of DR NO's favorite  websites!

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Mr. TTrevor "T-Bone" Smith


Trevor currently plays a Pearl EXL drum kit with Evans heads and Zildjian cymbals. Trevor is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he played with a local band "Katzenjammer". After discovering there is no snow in Phoenix, Trevor decided to relocate to the Valley of the Sun. T-Bone enjoys cooking bacon naked on Saturday mornings. 

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WinemanDon "Wineman" Weintraub


The Wineman is not only a top notch vocalist, he can also do some dance moves that will put Lance Bass to shame. Don also likes to take golf carts into the desert to try and break his current record of eight rollovers.

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SteveSteve "Just Steve" Miller

Bass/Background Vocals

Being the original Steve Miller, "Just Steve" has been playing music for a long time (period). In his spare time Steve is also a stunt double for Tony Hawk.

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RiffmanMarc "Riffman" Rubner

Lead Guitar/Background Vocals

What can be said about the Riffman that hasn't already been screamed into his Carvin CM50 microphone? How about this: He plays Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Telecaster and Ibanez RG Wizard guitars. His signature (ie, loud) sound comes from his Peavey Renown 300 amp driven by a Boss TU2 Tuner, Boss Blues Driver, DOD EQ, Morley Little Alligator Volume and Morley Bad Horsie Wah, Ibanez Soundtank Delay and Ibanez Tone-Lock Chorus/Flanger. All are connected via Planet Waves cables. His latest addition is an Alvarez electric/acoustic guitar. His wife Claudia buys and approves all his gear. His musical influences include The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, Rolling Stones, Van Halen and his 4 sons who are in training to participate in the next generation of Noisemakers...

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JLoJason "JLo" Lord

Keyboards/Background Vocals

JLo can make his keyboards sing like a canary, which gives The Noisemakers that unique canary sound. JLo likes to make stir fries by throwing TV dinners into the dryer on high for 15 minutes.

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